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A Taiwanese woman has been arrested by the Singapore Police for impersonating a Police Officer. In a statement released by the Police, reports were made by a 23 year old woman who claimed that she received a call by someone who was not known to her, and telling her she was a police officer.

The impersonator accused the woman of investing in illegal funds and that she was being investigated. The woman was told to divulge her bank account details. The woman then found that a sum of $100,000 was deposited into her bank account from an unknown source. She was then told to take out the sum of money and hand it over to the suspect. The woman informed the police, and officers from the Bedok Police Division managed to identify the suspect.

She was arrested, and found to have been involved in three other cases where a total of $180,000 were transferred. Police sis not state where the money was stolen from.

Rugayah Dali

A.S.S. Contributor

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