A trafficked sex worker was lured to Singapore with the promise of a job, but was instead confined to a room with 4 other trafficking victims and forced to have sex with men at odd times of the day.
When she first arrived, she was immediately brought and confined in a brothel, where she was told to wear revealing clothing to service men with sex. She refused but they coerced her and other unwilling girls into the business.
If she was not servicing the men, she would be locked up behind door and key at all times, being unable to leave or to call for help.
She met a cilent who advised her to run away when he learnt that she was being forced into the sex trade. She took his advice and ran away the next morning when her "pimp" accidentally left the key stuck at the door.
She managed to hail a taxi driver, who volunteered to take her to the police station… free of charge.
This is the account from non-governmental organization (NGO) Hagar:
"We met Lilis two years ago in the shelter that she was placed in, upon her rescue.
"At fourteen, Lilis was trafficked to Singapore to work in a brothel. Eager to help alleviate the family's financial burden after her mother's death, she jumped at the Singapore job offer without realising that it was a ploy by the "employment agent" to exploit her young body.
"Lilis is not alone; similar deceptive acts by criminal syndicates have shattered countless lives in Singapore and around the world.
"Walking the whole journey of recovery with survivors, Hagar provides protection, recovery, education, economic empowerment and community reintegration support.
"Today, Lilis is back in her community, ready to face life all over again. With the help of Hagar and a partner agency, Lilis has settled home safely, and is loving her job as an apprentice in a beauty salon."

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