Netizens in Reddit have uncovered a flood of stories about bullying in local schools, this after someone asked for reddit users to share their own experiences of bullying.

From cases of physical to mental abuse, Singapore’s schools would never look the same.

Read some of their stories here.

1. Prison Break in Childcare

“bullies in childcare tried to roleplay changi prison in a classroom by stacking tables to form jail cells and caning us on the butt with some random stick. wouldn’t let us out for hours and tried to turn it into a fight club and made us fight them/each other. i tried sneaking out a few times and would sit in front of the teacher at the main desk thinking that would deter them but they just dragged me kicking and screaming back into the classroom while the teacher did jack shit. also got ostracized and made fun of a lot for dumb shit.

used to take the school bus in primary school and got made fun of constantly, flicked on the forehead, people rolling my waterbottle down the aisle etc. nothing too severe but it was annoying since it happened every day.”

2. Bullied for being small

“I got things thrown at me.
I was constantly being called a bamboo stick.
I was always being called an 矮冬瓜 (shortie). I overheard my P.E. teacher telling another student that if I could get that shuttle run timing with my short legs, that student could do it too. That was so motivational and such a great self-confidence booster /s
I was told that I was annoying and was an extra.
I wasn’t being selected for CCA competitions because of my small size.
I got hit on the lip with a small whiteboard. The bully claimed that it was because I splashed some water onto him on the corridor when I stepped on a puddle of water. Strong point /s
I was pushed down and punched multiple times for “being noisy” while queuing up.
I got my things stolen. I still can’t find my Rubik’s Cube 🙁
I was told that I was an attention seeker after I tried to add in to the conversation.
I was made fun of because I was being quiet (see previous point).
A “friend” ignored me for a month because “it was a funny joke”. We’re okay now.
Got accused of not contributing to projects when the person in charge (prefect/councillor) told me not to do anything.
I didn’t want to talk about what I did during the holidays because all I did was eat, sleep and watch TV. I shared that and that bitchy councillor had to butt in with her “but you said that you didn’t do anything” comment. I stood up and angrily replied with “妳哪裡不爽”. It was fun because she didn’t understand what I was saying (she’s Malay). My classmates were shocked because I was usually a pacifist. I got away with it.”

3. Effeminate boy

“Yes, I was unfortunately bullied in secondary for being too feminine as a guy. A group consisting of about 2 boys and 2 girls would often call me “gayboy” and throw any jokes regarding hormones at me (e.g. if a certain finger was longer than another then you have more oestrogen blahblah). One moment they would tease the hell out of me and the another moment they would ignore me, influencing the other people in class to not want to talk to me. Those few years broke me. I felt horrible and cried almost every other day once I reached home because I felt so shitty about myself.

Till now, I can never forget what they did or how horrible I felt during those few years. It made me more anxious when I was around new people and I became suspicious of people in general. I can’t help but feel sad at the missed opportunities and friends that I would have made if I wasn’t so reserved now

Surprisingly the people I’ve met in JC and the army are so much less judgemental.”

4. Bullied for being “small”

“Happened to me in secondary school. Was peeing in the urinal when this classmate of mine went to peep at me by standing beside me and then laughed and told everyone that I have a small dick.
He went to tell this girl whom I had a crush on and she ran to me during recess and asked me if it was true, that my dick is only this size by sticking out her pinky at me.

I was so humiliated that I just laughed it off and said it wasn’t true. She went and told her group of girlfriends and whenever I walked past them, they would yelled stuffs like “small bird!” and “tiny peacock!”.

Looking back I have no idea why I liked her in the first place.”

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