A netizen protested Grab’s double standards in pricing and promotion prices for their rides and became even more angry when Grab’s Facebook team blocked her messages from their Facebook.

According to a netizen, Kelly, Grab has allegedly given better offers and promotion prices to new or less regular users in an effort to entice them to use more of their services. However, for regular users like herself, she claims that Grab has offered poorer prices and less promotions.

In one of her complaints posted on Grab’s Facebook, she claims a friend who takes Grab less frequently was offered a greater discount than her, a self-professed regular for Grab.

She wrote: “I almost take grab everyday. When I complain.. They just hide my post. They trying to cover up the truth which make me really upset. End up I really angry with them and I have no choice only to post in comment on other user’s post.

“I never asking any compensation or whatever.. I just think every users have the right to know the truth.”

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