A netizen shared his experience with a maid whom he claims has falsely accused him of molest.

Read his account here.

“This was what happened :

1. Some time in November last year, I came home around noon after night shift, and I went to sleep. My domestic helper was alone at home with me. I woke up in the evening, and proceeded to prepare to go out as I had an appointment an hour later. My whole family was overseas, since two days prior to this event.

2. My FDW came into the master bedroom toilet to clean the toilet. The door was slightly ajar when I was changing in the bedroom, but she could not see me change. I have a CCTV with audio in the master bedroom which can see the master bedroom door and the toilet door.

3. I went into the toilet to shave, leaving the toilet door almost closed as she was behind the door and while washing my shaver, accidentally splashed some water onto her and she let out a shreik (“Ooi!”). I was wondering why she overreacted to the water. I was in the toilet for less than a minute, and as I came out of the toilet, the CCTV captured her telling me loudly “Bye Bye Sir!”.

4. I proceeded out of the house for my appointment and came home at 9pm.

5. When I came home, she was tearing and told me she wanted to go back to the agency, and handed me a note with a local number. She had told me previously that she wanted to call home, so I was surprised that the note had a local number on it. It seems that the number belonged to a counsellor which the maid agency engaged.

6. Not understanding what was happening, I dialled that number and handed the phone to her. She spoke in her national language which I did not understand. When she passed the phone back to me, I asked the counsellor what was wrong with the FDW and she said the FDW was home sick.

7. Within minutes after hanging up the phone with the counsellor, the manager from the maid agency where I engaged the FDW from called me. She told me that the maid had thrown a note out of the kitchen yard(I stayed low floor) requesting for Police help. The maid alleged that I had molested her and attempted rape(all told to me by maid agency). The manager suggest I bring her to the Police station, and so I did.

8. At the station, I told the Police officer what happened, and I insisted that their suggestion for me to bring the maid home first then bring the maid to the agency the next morning cannot work, as the maid has alleged those offences of me, and I cannot be in the same house alone with the maid. I made a report to disclaim liability.

9. When I told the IO that I had CCTVs at home, I was told to go home and bring the footages to them, which I did. However, in my haste and fluster, I did not make a copy of the memory cards that I gave the Police. I eventually left the station in the wee hours the next morning, and called my wife later in the day to tell her what happened.

10. Subsequently, I was invited to view the footages with the Police, where the following were observed between the time I left home and the time I came home:

i) She said “Bye Bye Sir!” to me as I was leaving the master bedroom.

ii) She was humming away as she was doing housework in my absence.

iii) She spoke with an unidentified female at the door for about 20 minutes, and ended the conversation lightheartedly with “Thank you! Bye Bye!”

11. My main door and metal grill uses electronic locks, she could leave the house anytime at the press of a button, but she cannot re-enter as her fingerprint is not registered. I stay in a condo with security guards at the entrance.

12. In the months that followed, I was asked if I am willing to go for a polygraph, which I agreed and went.

13. Some eight months after the event, the IO asked when can I go to the station with my wife so that he can “provide some updates” to us. He then informed me that they are satisfied that an offence has been committed and they are charging me for two counts of Outrage of Modesty.

14. I was placed in the lockup while my wife acted as the bailor for me.

15. I was charged in court two days later and I have since engaged a law firm to handle my case. The case has gone through two mentions.

16. I had worked in a statutory board for more than 20 years, and now because of this case, I am suspended with half pay, until the case is over. I did not commit those alleged offences, and my wife totally believe I did not. When she saw the charge sheets, she said the actions described therein were not my normal action(wife knows best!).


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