A netizen lodged a complaint against a popular local snack shop after he found several retailers in Lucky Plaza selling the shop’s most famous delicacy at inflated prices, even though the original shop had run out of stock.

According to the netizen, the shop Irvin’s Salted Egg at Westgate attracts long queues for its snack, which he tried to queue for but to no avail. Similar complaints about sold out stock at the Westgate outlet were posted on its Facebook page.

However, the last straw was when the netizen was walking past some shops in Lucky Plaza and realized that many of the shops were selling the same product but at inflated prices. The retailers there did not even bother to remove the original logo and even used the same plastic bags to wrap the snack bags.

This raised many questions in the netizen’s mind, like how are the retailers at Lucky Plaza able to get stocks when the Westgate outlet itself did not have any?

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