I refer to the recent article that Louis Ng has worked one day as a chambermaid at Orchid Country Club… I only have one question for Singaporeans: Who is paying this clown while he runs around playing pretend?

This is not the first time Mr Ng has done such stunts for publicity. He has been a GrabCar driver, healthcare worker, coffeeshop assistant and police officer among other things at least a day every month. When asked why he does this, the Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC said that he wanted to “really understand and really see what’s happening on the ground”.

His latest post on his Facebook page is filled with sycophants who are praising him to no end for trying to be one of the common man.

Really? So Khaw Boon Wan taking the MRT during off peak hours once or twice every year is a significant leap forward for our transport infrastructure, I guess.

He might gain some different experiences from taking part in blue collar jobs, but residents should be judging him by what policy changes he makes and the kind of questions he asks in parliament, not by how many low wage jobs he has done. If everyday Singaporeans could get paid $15,000 a month to take a tour of Singapore’s most demanding jobs once every month, everybody would be queuing up from Changi to Jurong to apply!

Put it simply, why are residents of Nee Soon GRC being made to pay top dollar for an MP that is not conducting more house visit, dialogue sessions and trying to solve the hard problems of Singapore politics?

My advice to the MP of Nee Soon, stop playing around and get down to work.

V. Kumar
A.S.S. Contributor

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