I am a Singaporean and I love my country just as much as any born and bred Singaporean, but sometimes I wish people here would practice a little more restraint and common sense.

The photo attached is one such example. I fully appreciate that the RC (Residents’ Committee) is being patriotic, but they obviously are not showing much common sense.

How many flags do you need to show your support for our yearly National Day Parade? The number can be arbitrary, but most people would agree that having over 20 such flags lining the streets of your block is overkill.

We need to be very financially prudent when it comes to managing the funds contributed by supporters and residents. Even if money were not an issue, being seen as responsible and not wasteful spenders of publicly contributed funds should be seen as a badge of honour. It took a fiscally prudent government under Goh Keng Swee and Lee Kuan Yew to lead us from third world to first.

Let’s not make the journey backwards.

A.S.S. Contributor

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