This coming Reserved Presidential Election has open up a can of worms. Race issues is being hotly debated on what it means to be a Malay, what defines a Malay.

For me, I can consider myself lucky. After being born as a Malay (my IC indicates that I’m a Malay), and now turning to 36, I have been twice certified and approved (2006, 2011) by the Malay community committee set up by the Government that indeed, i am a Malay and is a member of the Malay community.

I am deeply saddened though, for my fellow brothers and sisters who has not been certified yet as a Malay (even though their IC indicates so), as the committee has not certified them to be as one.

Which brought me to ask the following question. Why do the minority candidates in every election, have to go and get themselves certified by the various minority community committees, before they can stand as a candidate?

And why, the Chinese candidates, do not have to go through the same process and get themselves to be certified first as a Chinese before they are allowed to stand?

And why is there this nonsensical policy at the first place?

Isn’t this a discriminatory practice towards the minorities? Aren’t we what we are based on the IC? Why the certification to be approve of the race that you are born into and belongs to?

Regardless of race, language or religion, this unhealthy practices has to be stop for once and for all.

The PAP Government is preaching about racial harmony and unity but they aren’t walking the talk when what they do is basically racist and discriminatory in nature!

What say you?

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