I refer to the ongoing saga and persecution of the elected WP MPs, which clearly shows the government’s intent to remove them right from the start via the ongoing lawsuit against them.

Unlike the PPP or other like-minded opposition candidates who were soundly rejected by the electorate and have become “spoilt goods”, the goodwill for both WP and SDP even, continues to rise due to their popularity and constructive politics. They continue to hold the government accountable inside and outside Parliament! This is the SOLE REASON why Singaporeans by and large are on the WP’s side this time round, needless to mention their courage in subjecting themselves to an Independent Committee’s scrutiny and subsequent prosecution.

As a resident of Holland-Bt Timah, I can only remain clueless until today, how some unelected town officials of mine had a free hand squandering away residents’ hard earned monies in toxic investments and getting away scot-free as though nothing happened! What about the corruption case in PM’s own TC as well as Lau Goh’s “ownself check ownself” cleaner and supervisor of MPTC?

With all these unanswered questions remaining, the removal of the WP MPs in this undemocratic way and continued surveillance of Civil Activists by Central Division police will only strengthen the resolute of the people in punishing the PAP at the next GE for severely eroding the trust we have placed on them to “do the right thing for our Country” and not misuse power to pursue personal vendetta.

In the words of the PM’s 2 siblings: “rule of law not respected so soon after LKY’s death!”

Haikal Adam
A.S.S. Contributor

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