Halimah is already training to be the Singapore president.

She was at the National Day Parade rehearsal, standing in for President Tony Tan and performing his NDP role.

This once in a year event is the most important event in the president’s career. She has to train extremely hard to do the job well.

You can see the role of president is very important even though the president has no real power in Singapore.

Singaporeans must choose a president who has energy and can stand for the duration of the NDP, extending his/her arm while waving the small flag at the National Day Parade. It is not as easy as it sounds. The president has to perform the action of waving his/her hand while standing on a slow moving vehicle. The president’s clothes may also be aerodynamically designed for maximum airflow to decrease sweat. The president has to keep his/her hand aligned correctly to overcome air resistance and gravity. He/she has to be mentally prepared to overcome stage fright and nervousness.

So why not choose a president who has already waved her hand at the NDP rehearsal. Do you really think the average Joe can hold a flag and wave his hand?

A.S.S. Contributor

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