I been living in Singapore since I was young and pretty much lost my indo “accent” speaking much like any Singaporean. Yes I am a PR and I even went through National Service which I would say it was a love-hate relationship with it.

During my first job upon graduation from university, I fell for one of my colleague. She has the sweetest smile I ever laid my eyes on in my ‘whole’ life. At least that what I thought. After a few months in the company I decided to ask her out for a dinner date.

Sadly the stars wasn’t in my favour and she rejected me straight to my face citing that I wasn’t her cup of tea and she was actually seeing someone. At that moment I wish that the ground would just open and swallow me up. After that day I tried my best to avoid her hopefully I would not have to meet her for official matters or what so ever.

Few weeks after the ‘incident’ she suddenly showed interest in me messaging me on the office messenger and even ask me if I interested to have lunch with her. It was quite a surprised to me that she had the 180 degree change to me.

So I actually confided in my buddy in the company regarding this as he well known to be a “relationship adviser” and he actually told me that they found out that I was indo-chinese.

I understand that most Singaporean would think that indon-Chinese is usually quite rich I wouldn’t say my family is the ultra-rich as we just own a few landed house and few intercontinental cars back in Indonesia.

We just staying in a terrace house with one ferrari and a BMW so if she showing interest because she think I rich make me a very sad man

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