Dear ASS Editors,

Many teachers these days are not passionate because they think working in this line is a bed of roses. Teachers have to care n teach n yet the principal or management often do not protect the Teachers. We have to do up portfolio to impress parents on their child’s progress and evaluation after each lesson to impress ECDA but are we being honest?

All these cant be done during working hrs because we have materials to prepare for the upcoming lessons. So we ended up doing it beyond our hours? But are we paid? Also,can parents be more thankful n stop comparing their child so that we can allow these children to grow up happily without expectations?

Can parents accept that children like to walk fast n clumsily fall n a small 5cents red mark on the cheek is ok? Why must teachers apologise for such incident when the child hit or fall down due to their motor skills? We are judged so much yet paid so little.

Everyone wants to get a degree so that they can be a principal but who is going to teach then? Parents forget to thank us but expect us to thank them. I think the ECDA shud look into these matters that are killing the teachers’ passion and patience. Thank you.

Experienced Childcare Teacher
A.S.S. Contributor

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