After a dispute between a commuter and an SMRT bus captain allegedly arose due to a language barrier over fare dispute last week, another mummy has made a complain to SMRT on their bus captain's poor customer service.
The mummy had boarded Bus 857 and struggling with a baby in her stroller and guiding her K1 child up the bus. The bus captain informed the mummy that she need to tap her K1 child's card but the mummy had forgotten to bring the card. The bus captain then shouted at her that she will need to pay adult fare for her child.
SMRT should relook on their training of their bus captain. Is there no discretion by the bus captain and is there no humanity in Singapore anymore.
This is her full story.
"On Monday 24/7/2017 I boarded bus 857 SMB1333 at 3.12pm outside St Andrew's Village. 
After struggling onboard with a baby in my stroller & guiding my K1 child up the bus, the bus driver said that he's over 90cm & need to tap his card. When I replied that I forgot to bring his card, the bus driver shouted loudly that I will need to pay adult fares for him, or else bus company will dock his pay & I will get fined if the conductor checks. 
I replied that I'm only taking 2 stops & will bear in mind to bring next time, he refused to budge & said that "if don't pay the fare, need to report police!" 
Come on, seriously? Do your bus drivers need to behave like such hooligans? My kid was wearing a uniform & bag with 'kindergarten' explicitly stated, surely they will know he is below 7 & entitled to concession? He could have been nice & excuse us for this round, give a reminder to bring the card next time. 
Even if he is deprived of the ability to speak politely, he should not have shouted & bring in the police over such a petty matter! It was so embarrassing for us. 
Please educate your Drivers to have the right manners & attitude! Formulate right phrases & print out stickers for them to refer to if they don't know how to speak!"

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