In a surprising turn of events, even former NMP and pro-PAP supporter Calvin Cheng has come out to say that the lawsuit against Workers' Party (WP) town councillors will end up strengthening the political position of the WP rather than harming it.
He disagreed with analysts who said that the WP would suffer politically, noting that even though the People's Action Party (PAP) has tried very hard to avoid giving the appearance that they are "politically persecuting the WP", laymen on the ground would still think that the "entire thing is politically motivated and it's part of the PAP 'fixing the opposition'."
He analysed that even if "the WP MPs are found liable in civil court (remember it's right now civil, not criminal, although many can't tell the difference, it's critical), made bankrupt from being unable to make financial restitution and as a result lose their seats, there may actually be an INCREASE in support for the WP."
He added that a younger generation of WP cadres are waiting to take over the older parliamentarians, such as NCMP Gerald Giam and Yee Jenn Jong.
He wrote: "The Singaporean electorate does not want a Parliament that is 100% PAP. If there is a chance that Aljunied GRC may fall, there will be a swing against the PAP in general because of the fear that the PAP will make a clean sweep. East Coast GRC will be particularly vulnerable. It is likely that the two most senior members Mr. Lim Swee Say and Mr. Lee Yi Shyan will retire. It was my greatest worry and will continue to be. A moderate swing against the PAP will allow a weakened GRC to fall into WP hands."

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