Someone said that the lapses by the Aljunied MPs (from the Workers Party) in running the town council will give a bad name to the opposition parties. The voters will be afraid to vote for opposition parties in the future.

I disagree with this view. In fact, I empathise with the Aljunied MPs. They were given a very difficult task.

When the Workers Party won over the Aljunied constituency, there were faced with termination of contracts by the existing contractors, the termination by the managing agent and the withdrawal of the town council computer system.

They have to find alternatives within a short time. If not, who is going to clear the rubbish and clean the estates?

I criticize the PAP government for creating this terrible state of affairs. It is terrible for them to make the MPs handle the work of the town council and to get a system where the existing contractors can hold the new MPs to ransom.

I find it deplorable for the PAP government to behave in this manner, without regard for the interest of the residents and ignoring their wish for a change in the people elected to represent them.

All this manipulations will not contribute towards improving the lives of the people and addressing the issues that they face in their daily lives.

I hope that the people all over Singapore will remember who is responsible for creating this mess and not be fooled into criticising the Aljunied MPs, who did their best under very difficult circumstances. Let us look at what cause this bad situation to arise in the first place.

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