An anonymous netizen has shared on NUS Whispers his “dilemma” about juggling a career which earns him over $20,000 a month and his university studies at the National University of Singapore.

According to the netizen, he makes over $20,000 a month from his own business and hates school, but is staying on because he is afraid that he would be looked down upon or have no safety net to fall back on without a proper paper qualification.

He finds it hard to choose between the 2 because he also believes he will become a millionaire by 26 years old if he focuses on his career.

Read his account here.

“I’m a freshman who makes around 20k or more a month, deep in my heart sometimes I have this wild idea of withdrawing from uni and focus on my business. I hated school because I was ostracized and isolated by class cliques as a loner when I was in sec/jc, I hope uni won’t be so cliquish. (I’m from a dumping ground course with below average A’level results and CCA achievements, hence I’m not sure if I can earn so much in the job market when I graduate in June 2021)

If I withdraw from uni, ceteris paribus, I will achieve my dream of becoming a millionaire by 2021, when I’m 26. If growth is good, I might achieve it by 2019.

But then I would be degreeless… My parents are poor low income workers, I can’t depend on them nor do I have any personal elite connections.

Some of my peers in the same profession have quit uni because they can’t cope with uni and work, all I can say is that they have very big balls because our society still judge people by paper qualifications, if you are a tiger without a “tiger certificate”, you won’t be allowed to hold hunting jobs.

Sigh, I just hope that 4 years later, I won’t regret staying in school.”

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