I am the gal who posted quite sometime back ago abt my bf having IQ 162 n is very crazy when he gets agitated he will slap me.. I just found out actually he has neurosis.. He kept harp on a incident last that I organize lunch with male ex colleague n I bluff him say I did not. The reason why i never say is cos he is always suspecting this n that of me with guys when I did not even do anything.. so whenever something triggers him to anyhow think he will call me whores, slut etc n he checks on my hp occasionally to see if any guy or colleague contact me..

then worse comes, I just started my new job last wk.. he kept think that I will flirt with colleagues at work whole day whack me with msges till late at night I only have a few hrs sleep these 2 wks on daily basis.. last night was my worse night ever.. I just merely bluff him say I got use e eye massager he bought for me when I was just so tired I just wanted to sleep he erupted n said I lied again.. so he charged to my house n threaten me to come out if not he will wake my whole fam up.. before that he was threatening to tell my mum that I kept lie for guys betray him n duno got sleep with guys anot (just FYI, he has very bad past rs exp of ex gf cheating).

So I had to come out at 12 plus to meet him n he slap me thrice on my face saying I lied to him.. n keep threaten to wan beat me further on whether I wan breakup anot.. I didn’t sleep e whole of last night n I am on my way to work now with no sleep.. I am so tired of this rs..

I duno if I agreed to his breakup will he leave my family alone? He is very smart n crazy kind.. he say his life is worthless, if not to support his family he say he is willing to die.

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