2 Malaysian men were flung off their bikes and sustained serious injuries when the motorcycle they were on collided head first with a stationary vehicle parked along the Seletar Expressway on Monday.

The accident, which was captured in a viral video, shows the rider Mr Danny crashing into the car and slumping onto the ground, while the rider was flung into the air, landing head first onto the ground a distance away.

Mr Danny Raj Muniappan, 25 and his pillion, Mr Trivikram R. L., 21, had ended their shift as Certis Cisco security officers at Changi Airport when they were heading home along the SLE that morning at 10.30AM. The accident happened near the Lentor Avenue exit.

Both men are now fighting for their lives at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital with severe injuries.

Mr Danny’s family, including his father Mr Muniappan, are with the victims in the hospital. Mr Muniappan told reporters: “When you watch videos like this online, you normally have no feelings because it’s of other people. But I can’t take it because it’s my son.”

“My son isn’t the racing-type or action-type. We don’t know what happened because we haven’t been able to speak to him.”

Mr Danny suffered from serious head injuries, a ruptured bladder, a fractured pelvic bone and has lost a lot of blood. His left arm and left leg are broken in 2 places each. He is still unconscious.

HIs pillion, Mr Trivikram, also suffered a fractured pelvic bone and a broken leg and has been wading in and out of consciousness. He is unable to speak.

“My son (Danny) isn’t in very good condition, the doctors are doing all they can, now only God can help us,” said Mr Muniappan. “Doctors told me that they will wait until next week to operate because Danny has some swelling and blood clots in his brain.”

Mr Danny has been working in Singapore for 5 years. He bought the motorcycle half a year ago to commute between Malaysia and Singapore.

Certis Cisco says it will extend its help to the riders and their families.

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