A netizen, Francis Seow, shared a video of his confrontation with a Certis Cisco parking enforcement officer who allegedly sneaked into a car park to issue summon tickets without his uniform on.

The incident happened at Block 443A, Fernvale yesterday.

According to the netizen, he had been walking towards his car at Fernvale when he saw an officer without his uniform placing a ticket on his windscreen. When he tried to approach the officer, the officer ran away and went missing from the car park for a while before turning up again in 20 minutes to continue his job.

The netizen confronted the man about his sneaky behavior and the officer simply replied that he was authorized to work even without his uniform.

The netizen wrote: “Kenna a summon at Blk 443A Fernvale, while walking towards my car, i saw this officer putting a ticket on my car and quickly tried to run away from me. He MIA for awhile, and I camped for 20 mins and finally he re-appeared again. I confronted him and gave him a lesson he will never forget. Pls share this is how the CISCO CERTIS officers work, without uniform and suspected breach of protocol. #certis #cisco #hdb #summon #hidelikebalabutol #workingwithoutuniform #singapore #singaporegovernment #nooiengseong #stompsg #stomp #blk443AFernvale”

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