I refer to the Court actions commenced against the Secretary-Generals and Chairman of the WP by the “Independent Panel” of AHTC and HDB.

This single incident should serve as a lesson to the remaining WP MPs not to remain silent in the face of adversity as it will only be taken as admission of guilt by the inhumane PAP which has lost their moral guiding compass!

However, the actions of the panel at this undue timing also calls into question, the glaring inaction by Organs of State like the PSC and Istana in investigating the far more serious allegations against the PM, his wife and appointed cronies which only the SDP is trying to take to task with sufficient documentation provided by Dr LWL and Mr LHY. The PM is according to the released papers, accused of lying to our Founding Father and dishonouring his expressed wishes of demolishing 38 Oxley Rd ASAP!

Would this so-called “Independent Panel” of Senior Counsels Philip Jeyaratnam and Sreenivasan have the courage in initiating similar accountability actions against the embattled PM? This is left to be seen! The ball then falls in the court of either Jeanette Aruldoss, Remy Choo or Alfred Dodwell to assist the SDP in doing so.

Han De Ding
A.S.S. Contributor

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