In response to some comments by netizens accusing the Workers Party of wrongdoing, The Online Citizen has this informative piece of advice:

“Town councils are independently audited and not by the Auditor General Office (AGO).

Remember this, AGO was called in to audit AHTC by MND before AHTC was forced by MND to appoint another auditing company to do another report so that HDB grants can be released to the TC. It was later asked to appoint an independent panel to follow up on the action and this is what you get now.

If any criminal activities are involved, then CPIB would have been called in. Now it is purely a civil case which is initiated by the independent panel which is said to be acting on the interest for the TC.”

It looks as if all the actions by the government was to force AHTC into a corner and then fix the opposition.

One netizen correctly pointed out: “At least in this case, whether true or false, the respective parties are brought to court to settle the differences legally. Unlike some other parties, who ownself declare ownself not guilty and sweep everything under the carpet.”

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