A Grabshare driver shared his experience with an Ah Lian couple who kept scolding him and threatened to get him sacked because he could not locate their pick up point.

According to the netizen, Farhan, he picked up his first rider at Bishan before heading to a condominium at Jalan Peminpin Dr. 7. He turned into the condo and tried to locate his passengers, who were a pair of Ah Lians. Being unable to locate his passengers, he called one of the Ah Lians on the phone. The woman proceeded to scold him on the phone as she claimed that she had already sent the driver a text message.

When the driver finally picked up the passengers, he apologized for missing their message as he was concentrating on his driving. However, the women continued to nag at the driver and scold him even in the presence of the first passenger. The constant scolding made the driver so uncomfortable, he decided to tell the 2 Ah Lians to get down from the car.

After getting down from the car, the women continued to argue with the driver for more than 15 minutes and called Grab support to make a scene. The first passenger tried to end the fight by telling the driver to move on and take her to her destination. The Ah Lians then threatened that they would make the driver lose his job.

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