I don’t know about your family, but my children, esp the little ones, would request a specific theme for their birthdays and of course, the birthday cakes would be the centre piece and cake cutting would be THE moment for them on that special day.

So imagine you having all your guests around you and are busy playing games and the planned cake cutting, the highlight of the event, will only happen in a moment. And then suddenly, your two-tiered cake, that you paid hundreds of dollars with, caved in right before the eyes of your guests and to your horror, the birthday girl too, before she was even ready to cut it.

Cake disaster! Yes! Even before you take that commemorative photo with the family for keepsake! And then you heard your guests commented and having a laugh at ‘the Castle that has been reduced to Leaning Tower of Pisa!’

Ouch. That hurts only because the birthday girl didn’t and couldn’t understand what was going on and stared at that lump of disaster and was told to stop playing games and cut the cake there and then, lest it turned into a heap of rubble if left for another minute!

And then you contacted the baker and told her what happened, and she casually exclaimed… Oh, I forgot to tell you to put it in an air-conditioned room! Seriously?

But what is more painful is the attitude of the baker after this cake catastrophe. She wasn’t empathetic nor apologetic for failing to:

a) inform the purchaser BEFORE ORDER IS PLACED that birthday cakes need to be in aircon room (really? So all those people with no aircon in your house cannot get this cake la!)
b) take responsibility for the fact that PERHAPS there is a flaw in the design (cake was too soft (underbaked) to withstand the weight of yet another cake)
c) to offer appropriate compensation for service/damage recovery.
d) be empathetic instead of being so defensive.

So this said birthday girl and family will have years of memory (of a cake disaster) and the embarrassment of having to explain to your guests what had happened to an otherwise beautiful cake.

The lower tiered cake was a chocolate cake which was way too soft to even hold its shape after being cut. It looked a mess on a plate! (the non-aircon room did it?? I don’t know, I’m no cake expert.

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