This morning, a “buyer” username skyllar chat with me saying that he is trying to buy my 2nd hand laptop on shopee platform but he couldn’t proceed to pay. I thought that the same issue might happens on shopee again, which happens to my customer previously. I thought of contacting shopee to fix this problem but then since this happening again, shopee might not be able to help. So I suggest him to do a meet up to pay and collect, but he said that he’s currently working in Malaysia and this laptop he trying to buy is for his Daughter that is currently in Singapore. I’m like okay, such a sweet parent.

Then again, I suggest him to do a e-transfer direct to my bank account. He agreed. He asked for my email address and my bank account name. First thing in my mind is why is the need to provide my email address?? (PS. Because I did many internet transfer before using DBS, they didn’t request for our email address.) I thought he’s making transfer from Singapore bank, So I question him why do I need to provide email address? He said that because he is using Malaysia bank that’s why email address is required. I didn’t know how overseas bank works so I gave him my email address. He then said that he had submitted the form, soon I’ll get notify from the bank.

A few hours later, I received his email saying that since he had already bought the thing he wants from me, he had deactivated his shopee account. I went to his shopee profile and I notice that he just joined a few hours ago. Actually creating a new account on shopee platform is nothing new. Many people create new account to get discount code. But but, He is still dealing with me, he trusted me that much? He’s paying by bank transfer though! It’s not a small amount of money! Woah, That was quick one. I thought since he’s paying by bank transfer, the money will direct straight to my account. Even if he deactivated his account, I’m still not at a loss, right?

Another hour passed, I didn’t receive any email from “the bank”. I starts to think that he might be a joker. Abit sad though. Nope, hold on, I received an email from “RHB BANK”, it is a Malaysia bank. That must be from him. I read the contain and starts to be suspicious… the email seems to be legit but also it does not. The contain stated that the payment will be on hold until I provide a tracking number to them then they will release the money to me. Loss loss situation, that’s does not works for me. I didn’t know that the bank works like shopee platform that will hold your money until the customer “confirmed” the delivery.

This is where I start to become a CSI, looking through every single words and do some research online.

1. The customer service number that’s on the “RHB” email is a scam number. I presume that it might be a mistake so I contact official Malaysia RHB Facebook page. I clarified with them, they said it is not their official email address and it might be a scam activity.

2. The mailing address provided is a UWCSEA foundation.

3. The email address doesn’t seems to be legit. And also I thought that buying laptop from Malaysia is much cheaper than sg?

I refer back to “Skylar pinkman” trying to clarify with him. (At this point I should have backed off but I’m still having hope to sell out my item, damn) He trying to act blur and saying that he didn’t know any of this blah blah blah.

To wake myself up, I call up SG & MY RHB customer service centre. Sg CS couldn’t help me as this transaction is done in Malaysia so I call up MY CS, I provide them the “RHB” email address and CS number. When I read out the email address.

Me: [email protected]….
MY CS: USA?! Sorry but this is not our official email address.

At that moment, I finally awake, ok, this is a scam..waste of time.. but luckily I did not send my item out after receiving the email. I afraid that this might happens on other seller. They might have trusted the email and send out the item!

A.S.S. Contributor

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