In what looks like a deliberate attempt to harm 4 motorcyclists queued in front of a red light junction, an SBS Transit bus bulldozed right through the waiting motorcyclists and continued on its way disregarding potentially fatal injuries that the driver might have caused to the victims.

According to a video uploaded online, Bus Service 10 had been waiting at a junction along Pasir Panjang Road towards West Coast Road on Thursday (20 July) when the bus driver suddenly floored his accelerator from a stationary position, ramming the bus into 4 other stationary motorcycles in front of him. The motorists did not seem to be in any dispute and appeared to be oblivious to the actions of the bus driver.
Thankfully, several of the motorcyclists could be seen jumping out of the way. The bus left a heap of tangled bikes and injured motorcyclists in its wake as it drove far away. The injured were sent to the National University of Singapore, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).
Despite the apparent murderous attempt on the lives of the 4 motorists in front of the bus, the authorities are keeping mum on the possible motivations of the bus driver.
In an email to reporters, SBS Transit said that it was "continuing to render assistance" to the two injured motorcyclists and a pillion rider. SBS Transit's corporate communications Tammy Tan stated that it had sent a team down to the hospital to attend to 3 of the motorcyclists who were injured, and that the company was assisting police investigations.
Police investigations underway.

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