A netizen, Allie, shared her account of getting stranded during the recent MRT service disruption without any taxi or private hire vehicles willing to take her to her workplace in Joo Koon.

She eventually booked an Uber ride with an NTU undergradate working part time as a driver, but cheated him of his earnings.

She falsely reported to Uber that the driver did not pick her up, which forced Uber to refund the total fare back to her account even though she had reached her destination.

Read her account here.

“I am very pissed with how grab and taxi drivers behave when ever there’s train disruptions. I was one of the affected commuters and requested for grabhitch from my home in Clementi to my workplace at Joo Koon, I got stranded for close to an hour because no drivers want to accept my booking! Used Comfort app but lagged so called in to their call centre and then exit thing I knew was that they want me to make an advance booking of a limousine taxi! What the hell? The rest of the cabbie all didn’t want to accept my GrabTaxi request maybe because they are on justgrab and it surged to $38!

So I tried to book SIX but no acceptance either, in the end, I booked UberX and the fare was like nearly $42 and well apparently the driver is an NTU student so set his destination to NTU so I got to work slightly earlier than schedule and managed to dispute the fare by telling uber that my card was wrongly charged as the driver didn’t pick me.

In the end, manage to get a free ride to work, this will teach all these uber and grab drivers a lesson for accepting only jobs with high surge pricing.

Please share this , certainly these drivers need to do some reflections on themselves and learn to help stranded passengers in the event of train breakdown! And if Uber and Grab don’t want to teach their drivers, this is how we passengers will teach them!”

A.S.S. Contributor

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