It is utterly irresponsible for LTA and SMRT to issue out warning of MRT delay ONLY more than 1 hour (I was told it started at 6 am but the advisory notice only came out at 7.36 am) after the problem occurred.

This is especially irresponsible during peak hour whereby people are rushing for work and school. Timely notice to the public is the most important thing SMRT and LTA should make in the event of such breakdown, so that commuters could adjust their timing and schedule or make alternative arrangement.

SMRT and LTA not only lack accountability but in this case, totally irresponsible not to make such timely public notifications through all available channels, including twitter, FB, radio etc. In this modern era, it is really inexcusable not to make good use of good and efficient technology to disseminate such essential and important information to the public in a timely manner.

We have found that in recent days or months, SMRT and LTA had tried to avoid issuing timely information on the adverse situation that the train service is facing, hoping that the problems could just go away or solved before too many people notice it. This is utterly irresponsible for public service providers to compromise public interests in an attempt to save their own face.

There should be a mechanism that set out the rules for public service providers, including but not limited to, Telco and public transport service providers to issue timely public notifications. The rule must set out that if a problem continue to exist more than 15 min after it was first started, then the public service providers will be compelled by law to make public notifications else they should be fined or penalized for non-compliance.

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