In the past, the govt kept saying we need to import foreigners to do jobs Singaporeans don’t want to do; especially in F&B, construction, retail, cleaners and menial jobs.

Using this reason, millions of foreigners were imported not just for these jobs Singaporeans want to do but also professional jobs Singaporeans want to do.

With extremely high local unemployment, many locals with qualifications are forced to be underemployed or unemployed or driving private taxis or taxis.

Today, I happened to meet three Singaporean car washers from ITE and Secondary school. They told me they can’t find jobs for many months and had no choice but to take up jobs that Singaporeans usually don’t want to do.

In the past, we see foreign workers doing such menial jobs. Ever since the massive influx of foreigners in every sector, given better and better jobs, Singaporeans are now relegated to the lower end of the employment spectrum.

What an irony now. Foreigners are taking up good jobs, living high life and many living in private condos and local Singaporeans are struggling to find employment in their own backyard. And end up doing jobs in the past Singaporeans won’t want to do.

Now you understand why FT ministers such as KBW kept telling you not to study degree. Better you be a hawker or start your own business as the govt policies is to build a new local core with their third world foreign imports.

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