A netizen has shared a shocking revelation from one of his colleagues, who admitted to a female colleague that she had just been raped but is too afraid to share her ordeal with the police for fear of losing her newly acquired work permit.

According to the netizen, the woman is extremely traumatized by the incident and afraid to even make use of anonymous consultations offered by human rights groups because she believes that the Ministry of Manpower and her employer can cancel her work permit if the employee fails her medical checks (e.g. pregnancy, contracts STD, etc).

The netizen wrote: “The victim just started work here, so naturally she’s concerned about losing her job. IIRC MOM/employer can cancel work permit if employee fails medical checks (e.g pregnancy, contracting STD etc), but what happens to rape victim? Is it grounds for unfair dismissal? If can convince her that employer cannot fire her for this, and MOM won’t simply cancel her WP, might encourage her to seek help. (MOM site lacks info on rape victims. Searching for “rape” returns results for “rate”)

He is asking other Singaporeans experienced with labor laws here to provide some advice that would help the rape victim come forward on her own and report the rape to the police before the evidence becomes irretrievable.

In response, one netizen wrote: “If she doesn’t report it to the police, and worst case scenario she gets an STD or gets pregnant, her employers will be able to dismiss her without any qualms. If she reports it to the police to prove that she was raped, I am pretty sure her employers will not fire her. (Imagine their reputation and the backlash they will facewhen the media gets hold of this story) Hope your gf succeeds in getting her to file a police report, she needs to get a rape kit examination done asap, and get emergency contraception.”

Others advised the netizen to tell the woman to report the rape as soon as possible.

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