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The Ministry of Law has announced that they are considering having video evidence used for crime suspects when having their statements taken by the police. The move, which has been sought after for many years by criminal lawyers and also the WP have been shot down numerous times before.

This move is aimed at giving the court a better way of determining the voluntariness and weight of such statements, and will be mandated for suspects of certain offences, such as serious sexual crimes. In other cases, law enforcement agencies will have the discretion as to whether a statement should be video recorded or taken in writing, as is the current practice.

Video recording will also apply to certain vulnerable witnesses, such as alleged victims of sexual offences, saving them the trauma of repeatedly recounting their ordeal at trial. In these cases, video-recorded statements can be used in place of the victims’ oral testimony in court.

This should have been done a long time ago. The advances of technology means that we have to adapt accordingly, and not keep pushing the technology away, like what the government have done up to today.

Kelvin Seet

A.S.S. Contributor

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