A netizen, Wan, shared his experience chasing down an errant Uber auntie driver, who took his mum’s phone after she accidentally left it in the auntie’s Uber vehicle.

The incident took place this morning.

According to the netizen, his mother and niece had taken an Uber ride to Kovan, but her mother realized upon alighting that she had left her phone in the car. When the victim’s son called the Uber auntie, she denied seeing any phone in her backseat.

However, Wan’s quick thinking led him to use the Find My Iphone app in his phone, which tracked the location of the phone to the auntie’s whereabouts.

Upon locating the errant Uber driver, Wan used his vehicle and tailgated the auntie until she stopped by the road.

Wan wrote: “Tailgate her till Alexandra and I went into her car this is how our conversation went..

Me: hi Aunty, can I have my mum phone back?
Her: I never took it.
Me: don’t mind I call my mum phone?
Her: start to panicked..
Me: ring ring..
She took out the phone and still shouted me like as if I owe her a living..
Me: Aunty, first of all don’t try to take passenger phone anymore. Uber didn’t teach you that once found passenger phone, must report to the uber?
Her: you cannot tailgate me just like that to take back your mum phone
Me: if I didn’t tailgate you, would you pass back my mum phone?
Her: silent..

For U/G Drivers pls take note.. we have many important documents inside our personal phone.. pls return to the passenger if you found those.”

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