I refer to the ZaoBao article,

My brother and I are the victim of this incident.

The argument started when me and brother told a girl off for cutting in front of us in a queue for the bus at Bukit Indah, JB, while we were carrying our heavy luggage. Instead of apologizing, the girl and her boyfriend started to taunt and insult us. Later, we were extremely terrified as we saw 6, 7 guys ambushing us right after we stepped down from the bus.

After this incident, we filed a police report in Bukit Panjang North Neighbourhood Police Post. Right at the police station, we were shocked to be informed by the police officer that the culprit (the guy who summoned his friends to group assault us) is a Malaysian, Singapore PR, currently serving his national service in SAF.

I am very puzzled. Why are we allowing such thing to happen? The Singapore government has been generous, in supporting foreigners to live and grow in this land. Is that what we get in return? SAF has been working hard to protect fellow Singaporeans from all possible threats. Why is he (the culprit), as an NSF serving in SAF, committing such horrible crime overseas? As a concerned, righteous citizen, I think this is truly unacceptable.

Attached are the additional pictures/videos which we have taken for your kind reference. I have also attached a copy of the police report, verifying the NSF identity of the culprit.

Please contact me if you need any further information/justification.

Thank you

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