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So, what excuses are the FAS going to come up with this time? Our neighbours Malaysia, whom we always accuse of champions of their own kampung football in the M-League, have actually made it through to the Final rounds of the AFC U-23 competition in China next year.

And just to show how good they were, the Malaysian youth team came out top in their qualifying group. In their group were Mongolia, and two ASEAN rivals, Thailand and Indonesia. And reports also indicated that the Malaysian team only got together five days before the tournament began, and arrived at Bangkok, where the matches took place a day before their first match.

Now, compare this with Singapore. They have a squad of young players who had been assembled a minimum six months earlier, and had played together numerous times in the S-League. And they had also went to a few centralised training before the tournament. And what did they have to show for it? Defeat against Myanmar, trashed 7-0 by Australia, and were only saved from having eggs on their faces when they beat Brunei 4-0 yesterday.

And this same group of players are heading to KL for the SEA Games in August, where they target winning a medal. As high a chance of that happening as FAS admitting they have made mistakes all these years.

Zakaria Osman

A.S.S. Contributor

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