A Korean comedy drama series, Man Who Dies To Live, has earned the ire of Muslims throughout the world because of scenes that many netizens say are offensive to Islam and portray a false image of Muslims.

The drama, which was broadcast on MBC TV in Korea since 19 July, tells the story of Jang Dal Goo, who travels to a Muslim country in the Middle East, becomes wealthy and lives a decadent life under the name of Saeed Fahd Ali. The story follows his exploits and his return to Korea to reunite with his long-lost daughter and husband.

In some scenes, Jang, who is dressed in stereotypical Arab thawb, headscarf and black robes, is openly seen meeting women dressed in hijabs and revealing swimsuits. He is also shown in one scene drinking wine for breakfast. In one of the drama’s posters, he also poses with his feet raised and placed near a book, which looks like the Quran.

Twitter and Instagram users have raised a storm over the drama. Muslims netizens have instituted a boycott campaign and several movements to stop MBC from airing the show. They have also created a #JusticeForIslam and x-marked the drama’s posters as a way of showing their displeasure.

Twitter user, @Sarw_Dope, wrote: “Never place the Quran that way next to a man’s foot. Stop disrespecting Islam and Arabs.”

MBC has been forced to apologize on its official social media accounts, but defended the airing of the drama and said that all characters and events in the film were entirely fictional.

“MBC has no intention in distorting any particular religion, culture or people,” its statement said in Arabic, Korean and English. “And we sincerely apologise for any harm that may have caused to the viewers in regards to the drama.”

MBC said it would take “extreme caution in production from now onwards”.

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