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A Chinese national was given a 24 days prison sentence for causing hurt to a person by doing an act so rashly as to endanger personal safety. The woman, Chang Lihui, 33, threw a signage at a Singapore Airlines (SIA) ticketing staff to vent her anger as she could not get her boarding pass at the airport.

She had gone to Changi Airport on 11 June to collect her SIA ticket after she had used a family member’s credit card to book the ticket. She handed over her passport and her family member’s credit card to Ms Sharin Chan Suet Gek, 30, who observed that the details on the passport did not match the details on the credit card. When asked who the owner of the credit card was, Chang replied that it belonged to a family member in Beijing, China. She could not verify who the person was nor verify whether the owner had consented to the purchase. She could also not contact the owner of the credit card, as she claimed she did not have a mobile phone to call the person.

When told politely by the counter staff that she could not collect her boarding pass as she cannot verify the owner of the credit card, she became enraged and started hurling abusive words towards the SIA staff. She got a male colleague to explain the situation with Chang, but she still continued hurling abuse at them. When told that a refund would also take some time to proces, Chang became even more enraged, and threw a “Counter Closed” sign, measuring 26cm by 6cm, at the victim. It hit the victim’s face and she screamed in pain. She was bleeding from cuts on her left eye brow and nose bridge.

Chang was arrested at her hotel the next day. As she has already been in remand since 1 July, Chang can already be released.

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