I would like to speak up for my right!

My husband and I are working and both of us have insufficient cash to afford a maid or put our 6 month kid in childcare as it costs very expensive. We are not rich people. So when we do food delivery we have to bring our 6 month old kid along.

My husband and I have seen people doing food delivery bringing the whole family along as they too can’t afford a maid nor can they afford to put their kid in childcare. So I do not find anything wrong with that!

Both of us are working really hard to have sufficient income so, we just want to say this to the person who took the photo of us riding on the e-bike with a 6 month old kid to mind your own business. We have to bring our 6 month old kid along as we cannot afford a maid or a babysitter! And there is no one to look after our 6 month old kid! So we would appreciate it that u try and put yourself in our shoes and than u will know how it is like when u can’t afford a maid, childcare nor a babysitter to look after your kid as u have insufficient income and that u have to bring your kid along when u are doing delivery.

My husband and I do not like people to kpo while we are trying really hard to earn sufficient income. Will appreciate that u do not be so kpo. Why not take photo of cars who do not give way to ambulance

Mrs Leo
A.S.S. Contributor

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