I was with my son and daughter at Queenstown swimming pool today. I was carrying my toddler daughter while playing throw ball with my son and his friend. The photo of the ball is attached.

It is a small rubber ball type. So as I throw to my son to catch, it accidentally hit on this boy maybe age around 5-6 years old. So I quickly apologise and the boy’s mother was next to him.

So she gave an angry and pissed off face, pick the ball and THROW OUT OF THE POOL. And I ask her “WHY YOU DO THAT” she replied: go and fetch DOG. I was seriously speechless and very angry.

I was carrying my toddler and other kids was around in the pool. I held on to my anger. I swear I really wanted to scold the hell out of her. It was an accident and I apologise, why are you calling me a DOG? I believe they are expat here in Singapore. So I ask my son and his friend to change to another pool to play.

Since they like to treat me like a 2nd class citizen. Then I shall help to promote their 1st class citizen badge. If you ever see them around, better let you kids stay away from there. I eventually also saw them scolding other LOCAL kids for splashing water at his son. This is a PUBLIC pool. If you have problem like this, please change to PRIVATE POOL. Beware of this couple.

A.S.S. Contributor

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