On 21st July 2017 at 1130am my Wife board a blue comfort cab from Yishun street 51 to Ang Mo Kio police HQ and was harass by the cab driver.

The male driver in his 30s ask my Wife why are you going to the police station and when my Wife tell him that she going to look for me his reply is : why choose him must as well choose me I’m Single no record with police and I used to be a police officer.

Hello my Wife told me that you got tattoo on both your arm you sure you ex policemen ?

He even ask my Wife if she have any passport or IC and then he ask for my Wife’s contact number. Adding on during the trip he keep peeping at the mirror to look at my Wife understand from my Wife that because she herself drive in Malaysia so he was very sure he was peeping at her especial her her ( as she is wearing short ) and during a stop at the traffic light he turn around and look at my Wife’s leg and then say he seeing what game she playing.

Although the destination is very short but he took a big round which the fare goes up to $16 so that he can have more time to harass her.

when getting near to the location ( Ang Mo Kio police HQ) he slow down the cab to talk to my Wife.

At the point of paying he keep highlight that just pay $6 will do as when my Wife hand him a piece of $50. He gave her the change twice first 4 X $10 and then hold her hand. Then 1X $2 1X $1 coin 1X 50 cent And 1X 20 cent and then hold her hand again.

As my Wife know my temper and worried I’ll make a big sense at the police station and get myself into trouble she kept quiet till we reach home then she told me about what happen as she felt so harass by the driver .

I call comfort as I am sure it’s under comfort as I saw her alight from the cab but the officer from comfort told me no trip matched .

I’m posting this here as the operator told me that no trip match to what I’ve said so the operator is trying to say my Wife had mistaken the can or I’m blind ? Meanwhile if you * the driver * see this post let me tell you I waiting for you be like a man!

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