Some people asked, why do I want to void my vote? I should vote for other candidates instead, if not, Halimah will surely takes the Presidency, if she, decided to stand.

Or do not regret, if she wins by just a 100 votes or so, and how the spoil votes can actually make a difference if we don’t void our votes.

Let me make it clear. I will void my vote based on my personal believe and principles. I strongly believe in an open election. A reserved election for any community smacks of total racism and discrimination against others.

So if I vote for any of the candidates, it’s as if I’m giving a green light to the PAP Government to continue with their racist and discriminatory policy.

A vote to any of the candidates, is like telling me that my race is not able to stand on its own two feet, that my race is a weak lot, and that’s why it need the election to be reserved so that my people can stand and contest, without having any other races taking part in it.

A vote to any of the candidate, is going against the pledge that we are one united people, regardless of race, language or religion.

So, how could I totally go against my basic conscience?

My spoil vote may not means anything to the PAP Government. It may not means anything to anyone out there. But, it truly means a lot to me, to my believe, to my conscience, to my principles which I hold dearly to.

What we need in a President is someone with credibility, capabilities and abilities. Someone, who will speak and stand up for the people. A President, who can truly unite the people, someone like the beloved late President Ong Teng Cheong.

We do not need a President solely based on race.

If the Government insist of having a minority to helm the Presidency to showcase Singapore multi-culturalism to the world, than it should do away with the Elected Presidency and revert back to the old system where Presidents are appointed and rotated among the various races.


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