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The suspected operators of vice website Laksaboy were arrested and two vice syndicates crippled in a series of raids conducted by the police on Thursday. The website hosted 22 banners believed to be owned by different vice syndicates, which featured female escorts of various nationalities advertising sexual services online.

A total of 21 suspects – comprising five men and 16 women aged between 22 and 57 – were nabbed during the 12-hour operation, police said in a news release on Friday.

A man suspected of involvement in an online vice ring was charged in court on Saturday (July 22) morning. Saw Yan Long, 29, was charged for an offence under the Women’s Charter for living on part of the earnings of a 39-year-old Thai national between June 29 and July 19. Saw is suspected of involvement in a multinational online vice ring.

Does this arrest means that the police is not only arresting the streetwalkers but also in serious business to bring down online prostitution? Or is this just a scarecrow technique to discourage the prostitutes to go

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