Dear ASS,

I refer to the articles, “TODDLER KENA ALLERGIC REACTION AFTER OTHER PASSENGERS OPEN PEANUTS SNACK” (ASS) and “SIA reviewing serving of nuts on flights following toddler’s allergic reaction” (CNA).

It is unfortunate that 3 y.o. Marcus Daley suffered anaphylaxis (serious allergic reaction) during a SIA flight (SQ217) to Melbourne on 12 July 2017. Anaphylaxis is not only caused by nuts. In theory, any food proteins with sugar attached (glycoprotein) are capable of causing an anaphylactic reaction. Foods most frequently implicated in anaphylaxis are, peanut (a legume), tree nuts (walnut, hazel nut/filbert, cashew, pistachio nut, Brazil nut, pine nut, almond), fish, shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster, oyster, scallops), milk (cow, goat), chicken eggs, seeds (cotton seed, sesame, mustard), fruits, vegetables.

In view of this, SIA should also seriously review serving the following delicious food and cuisine that may also cause anaphylaxis: Poached Fish/Fish & Chips (fish), Seafood Tempuras (prawn, fish, scallops), Nasi Lemak (roasted peanuts), Tahu Goreng (roasted peanuts), Prawn Mee (prawns), Omelettes (eggs), Satay (peanut sauce), Keropok (prawn/fish), Emping (belinjo nuts), Biryani (cashew nuts), several Peranakan dishes (lots of nuts) like Ayam Buah Keluak, ALL vegetable dishes, Fruits & Fruit Salads (fruits, vegs, seeds), the list is endless!

With that said, SIA should also review the need for their “International Culinary Panel” from Europe, US and Japan, and just serve all passengers the purest form of subsistence for mankind, plain water! (H2O) This brings new meaning to SIA’s motto, “A Great Way to Fly”.

#SIA #GoingNuts #AGreatWayToFly #Anaphylaxis #BanStupidity

Dr Anatidae Quak
A.S.S. Contributor

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