Let us all spoil our votes for the upcoming Reserved Presidential Election as a sign of united protest! It is not illegal to spoil our vote in a Presidential or General Election and you can still vote in GE 2020.

You can either return a blank vote or tick on two or more candidates to qualify as a spoilt vote count. You can also vote for a non-PAP preferred candidate to send a strong signal to the government that you don’t accept their choice of candidacy.

A large number of spoilt invalid votes say more than 15% of the total votes counted will send a strong message of defiance and protest to the government. In the previous PE, 1.76% or 37,000 rejected votes were registered out of a total of 2.1 million eligible voters who turned up to vote. 94% of the electorate showed up on that day to cast their vote.

If you however don’t turn up for the PE voting as a sign of personal protest, you can be barred from voting in the next GE 2020 and you need to register to be a voter again for future election.

Singapore has no place for racism and we have always believe that the best person to be our President or Prime Minister has to be free of race, language or religion barrier. More importantly, the person needs to speak up for the people and be accountable to the country.

Our government has always use race to divide and rule us and we stand stoutly behind the Malay community who is upset about the whole issue which has not only divide the country as a world but more seriously affect the unity of the minority-race community.

Singaporeans should come together and spoil their vote so that we can send a strong message to the government not to meddle in our country’s constitution anyhow thus blatantly trying to side-line a credible candidate who is not the ruling party’s favourite!

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