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A 38 year old man became the latest in a worryingly new trend, where molest cases seem to be making the news more often these days. In this latest case, the 38 year old man was arrested for at least ten alleged cases of molest in Hougang and Sengkang.

Between Jul 5 and 17, several women in the two estates lodged police reports saying that they had been molested. The descriptions they gave indicated that the offences were likely to have been committed by the same person, police said in a media release. Police added that the suspect made “conscious efforts” to avoid being caught. He is believed to have parked his motorcycle some distance from the scenes of the crime and also brought extra clothes to disguise himself.

The man clearly had intentions to go out and molest women. Police arrested him at Anchorvale Road on Friday, and will be charged on Saturday.

Jessica Tham

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