The coming presidential election reserved for Malay candidates has divided the nation with some polarised views.

Often enough, the PAP gov has been quick to accuse the alternatives as playing racial politics. But the mother of all racist policies originated and created by this gov.

Our pride from being a multi-racial society, living side by side, co-existing happily is all but a facade that this gov would want us to believe.

Its brand of politics is never about empowering the people but rather to divide us against each other.

How else would we explain this?

1. The existence of SAP schools where those who are not able to speak mandarin are not eligible
2. The subtle exclusion of the Malay/Muslim citizens in the Navy through its hollow reasoning of not being able to accommodate space for halal diet.
3. Its perverse reasoning that the society is not ready for a minority Prime Minister.
4. The appalling act of discrimination through its policy to deny job opportunities for those wearing the tudung.
5. We are further divided in schools through elitism and streaming of students at a young age.

The society will never be able to progress as a nation until our leaders act for us. Not against us.

What do you think?

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