Dear A.S.S.,

A husband of mine, we have married for 4years. Before we married he already bank loan money for his gamble habit! Maybe i really stupid enough to believe that he will change n quit gambling for the sake of our child yet I’m wrong. His gamble habits from bad to worse!

I can’t stand it anymore for his gamble habit. So I decided to divorce but he don’t wanna divorce so I given him another chance wish that he really will change yet he out of sudden say he want divorce. Yet I found out
that he always go to Thai disco and from there he know a Thailand girl and they were seeing together. So they were together n gamble together end up owe more then 10 credit company by using his own Mother , Brother , Father n supervisor name to borrow money!

n few bank loan all added up almost 200k so both of them ran away from Singapore without tell anyone even his own family. And just dump me n my child without worry how we gonna survive. He can use all money and spend on gamble and open hotel to fuck his siambu but he cant give any maintenance fees for his own biological child.

Whenever ask him for maintenance fees he will always say no money but got money go hotel all this. In front of his Friends he sure show or act as a good Father dote my child all this but behind he abuses my child.

And now I’m pregnant with his second child yet he asked me go for abortion alone. Furthermore he even wrack me when I’m pregnant with his own biological baby now.

In my whole life I really never meet such a person like him. As a husband or Father he totally terrible. I just hope next girl with him better think twice before together with him. Full of debt n a women beater.

A.S.S. Contributor

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