Stall holders from the former Sungei Road Thieves Market have once again set up shop yesterday evening… this time at Sembawang bazaar, beside Sembawang MRT station.

Sungei Road market’s chairman, Koh Eng Khoon, 75, negotiated for the space next to the MRT for the stall holders to hawk their wares for 2 weeks. The vendors are hoping for a more permanent site at the Golden Mile Tower Carpark, where 100 former vendors have indicated interest in setting up shop there.

The move has yet to be finalized however, as the management of the Golden Mile car park has yet to give authorization despite fees paid by the vendors.

Sungei Road Thieves Market was closed on 10 July despite strong pressure from the public to preserve the heritage market. Netizens lament that Singapore has lost a precious piece of the cultural landscape with its closure.

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