A netizen sounded the alarm yesterday on the Singapore Police Force Facebook page by alerting them to suspected scammers who have allegedly been going door to door in the Sengkang neighborhood while posing as Samsung staff.

According to the netizen, Ken Ang, he had received a viral message on his phone which read:

“Fyi, there are people pretending to be Samsung staff (wearing Samsung shirt) going from door to door asking whether you have Samsung products. Do not entertain them. They are robbers. My friend’s neighbour encountered them this week in Seng Kang.”

His post drew a response from the Singapore Police Force Facebook team, which replied:

“Hi Ken, members of the public can play a part to keep our home safe and secure by staying vigilant and reporting any suspicious persons or activities.

Anyone with information on suspected criminal activities can submit information via the I-Witness portal at All information will be kept strictly confidential. For urgent assistance, please call ‘999’.

Nonetheless, home occupants should remain vigilant and adopt the following preventive measures when approached at home by anyone claiming to be a salesman:

a) Always keep your grille gates locked and never open your doors to strangers;

b) Do not allow anyone to enter your home without verifying his/her identity and purpose;

c) If in doubt, verify his/her identity with the agency concerned, or contact your family members or Police for assistance; and

d) Do not keep large sums of money or valuables at home. Keep them in a safe or deposit them in a bank.”

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