A motorcyclist should count his lucky stars for surviving a potentially fatal collision with a car, after which he was flung into the air, over the car in a spin and then finally landing heavily on the ground.

The incident took place at Eng Neo Avenue towards Dunearn Road at 6.45AM today.

According to an eye witness, a blue car had been inching its way slowly from the opposite side of a road junction towards Orchid Apartments when suddenly, a speeding motorcycle squeezed in between vehicles and ran into the blue car.

The motorcyclist was flung into the air, over the car and landed on the road.

“He woke up for awhile and lay down again and woke up again and managed to stand up and walk,” said a witness. “The motorcyclist is the one with the blue cloth headband, in a black Tshirt and jeans, and standing on the left side.”

After getting up, the motorcyclist still had the strength to confront the driver of the blue vehicle and get into a minor argument with him, as shown in the picture.

Police are investigating.

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