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Local actor Aloysius Pang was fined $2,000 and banned from driving for 18 months for drink driving. The 26-year-old admitted to driving when he had at least 55 microgrammes (mcg) of alcohol in 100ml of breath, which exceeded the prescribed limit of 35mcg, along Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim towards Jurong Port Road at a slip road near a petrol kiosk at 4.42am on 8 May.

He was exiting into the slip road when an unknown car encroached into his lane, causing his car to veer left and graze against a metal guard railing. Pang’s car then came to a stop along the leftmost lane of the slip road of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. When police arrived, they found that Pang was reeking of alcohol. He subsequently failed the breathalyzer test and was arrested. Investigations by the police revealed that Pang had been consuming three to four glasses of beer at a wedding dinner the night before. He ended his drinking at around midnight and rested in the groom’s hotel room before leaving at 4am for a friend’s house in Jurong.

It was quite fortunate that no one came out of this accident with any injuries. Goes to show that real life drama can be more exciting than the dramas Pang ever acted in.

Andrew Chan

A.S.S. Contributor

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